About VYS

Virtual Yard Sale is an online platform, selling vintage, used and new furniture, props, bric-a-brac, shop fixtures, retail equipment, homewares and home decoration miscellany. 

Our sister company is Rocketvan, a removal, delivery and storage company based in South London. You may have heard about the legendary yard sales at our Elephant and Castle base; this is basically the online (or ‘virtual’) version of that. As you’re probably all too aware, we can’t have visitors at the moment, but we think that this is the next best thing. We hope you like it.

We have invited some of our clients to list on VYS, and we'd like to extend that invitation to you. So if you're looking to clear a bit of space at home, or if you're a business looking to sell some perfectly good seconds or last season’s pieces, click on 'Sell on VYS' and we'll see if we can't find a new home for those unwanted or excess items. 

With that in mind, make sure you check in with us often, as our inventory will be constantly changing and updated regularly with new gems.

Happy browsing!