Covid-19 Collection & Delivery Protocols

To ensure the safety of VYS Staff, our Sellers and our Customers, we ask that everyone adhere to the following guidelines when collecting from the VYS Warehouse or a VYS Seller, or when receiving a delivery.

Customers will be required to agree to these guidelines before completing checkout. VYS Sellers will be required to agree to them upon submitting a listing. 

Collections from Virtual Yard Sale Warehouse

All visitors to our SE17 warehouse, including third party transport operatives booked by a customer, are required to observe a minimum two metre social distance from other visitors and staff, and to wear a face covering at all times. Those exempt from wearing a face covering must remain outside the warehouse or at the yard gate, and must call for attention and await instruction. 

If you have booked third party transport, it is your responsibility to make them aware of these guidelines. 

Non compliance may result in being turned away from the warehouse.

All collections will be contact free. 


Collections from Virtual Yard Sale Seller Locations

 All collections should be contact free, and any UK Government advice on social distancing and face coverings must be adhered to.

We recommend that you discuss any further measures in place with the seller when discussing your collection day and time.

If you have arranged for a third party transport operative to carry out your collection, it is the responsibility of the buyer to make them aware of any measures in place. We suggest that you include them in your discussion with the seller to ensure there is no confusion.


Deliveries by Virtual Yard Sale

The first section of the below details how we would like you, as the recipient of the goods, to prepare for our arrival with your order. The second half, entitled 'Our Obligation', details the precautions we are taking to keep you, and our staff, safe during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Firstly, we would very much appreciate your patience regarding delivery times. We have been working very hard to install practical procedures to get our vans out on the road in the mornings efficiently, while adhering to social distancing rules in our warehouse. Of course, there may be delays in doing this safely (from higher foot traffic, for example), so please bear with us.

Social Distancing

Please do not encroach on our teams’ personal space while they are inside your property. Allow them ample room to carry out your delivery. Please do not come within 2 metres of them at any time during the delivery, wherever possible.

Face Coverings

We would ask that you please wear a face covering or mask at all times during the delivery.


Please open all the windows at your address to allow for proper ventilation.

Please Provide a Clean and Safe Workspace

As our staff will be working within your property, we ask that you wipe down any surfaces that our staff may come into contact with (e.g. handrails or banisters).

Symptoms of COVID-19

If you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19, we would ask that you please cancel the delivery. If we feel that you, or anyone at your address, is showing symptoms we will respectfully refuse to complete delivery, and you will not be refunded any delivery costs already paid for. You will also be liable for any further delivery costs.

If you give us notice to re arrange delivery in the event that you begin experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, we will be happy to postpone your delivery, and hold onto your goods until you are able to receive them. 

Our Obligations

In order for us to operate as a Covid-19 Secure business, our staff are adhering to the following guidelines to ensure their safety, and the health and safety of our customers while at work.

Social Distancing

We are staggering staff arrival times at the warehouse to avoid overcrowding; there is a two-metre distancing policy, and a one-way queueing system in the warehouse.

We are limiting team members to two per van. Additional team members will travel separately to the van (either on public transport or by bicycle) if required.

Customers are not permitted to travel in any van, at any time.

Our staff have agreed to maintain social distancing while away from work, and limit their contact with members of their social circles who are not.

Symptoms of Covid-19

If any member of staff is experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, they are to inform our office, and they are not permitted to come to work.

Van Cleanliness

We have stocked each van with high alcohol sanitising wipes, for the team on board to regularly clean any part of the van that is frequently touched.

Face Coverings

We have instructed our team to wear face coverings at all times while in the van, and when working in close quarters when social distancing cannot be observed (e.g. when two members of staff are carrying the same item of furniture).

Hand Washing and Sanitising

Each team member has been provided with a personal bottle of hand sanitiser for regular use throughout the day. They have also been instructed to wash their hands at regular intervals using soap and hot water, in accordance with current government advice.

Daily Uniform Washing

All staff have been instructed to arrive with newly laundered uniform, every day. This includes gloves, if worn, and cloth face coverings.

Van Windows

Van windows will be kept open to some degree at all times while travelling.