Sell on Virtual Yard Sale

You can sell on Virtual Yard Sale from the comfort of your own home, shop or office. All you need to do is fill out the form below, upload your photos and you're in business!

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What We List

We list vintage, used and new furniture, props, bric-a-brac, shop fixtures, retail equipment, homewares and home decoration miscellany.

Can I List Anything?

Not quite. We assess every submission before posting online, as we want to make sure that you're in the right place.


We don’t have any upper price limits, and we’re more than happy to have a wide range of price points. We may suggest changing your price however if we think you're asking too much, or you could do better!

How to List

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and please be sure to read our 'Advice to Sellers' below. We’ve included tips on photos and descriptions, to give you the best chance of selling successfully. 

If we think the submission will be desirable to our customers, but the information provided is lacking in any way, we will advise you how to improve the listing. If we don't think it's the right kind of thing for VYS, we will let you know.

  Listing is free but we take 20% of the final sale price as our commission, excluding shipping costs. If you are a commercial seller, do please let us know in your submission.

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse a listing without providing a reason.

Postage, Delivery and Collection Options

If you're happy to arrange postage for smaller items (up to 15kg), tick the box on the form and provide the weight of the item. We will transfer the full postage fees along with the proceeds of the sale.

You must post the item within three working days of receipt of notification of sale.

If your item is too big to be posted, we offer a set price Greater London delivery option at the point of sale. If you're based in London and would like us to include this option in your listing, tick the box on the form. You must allow us to collect from you within 7 days of receipt of confirmation of sale.

Otherwise, it's collection only from your stated address. We will put the buyer in touch with you to discuss collection on completion of the purchase. You must allow access to the customer for collection within 7 days of receipt of confirmation of sale.

Advice to Sellers


Please submit as many photos of your item as you can. Please make sure they are good quality (i.e. no blur), well lit and where possible against a plain background. Please make sure there is at least one photo that shows the item as a whole. Make sure they are recent photograph that display the current condition of the item to avoid any disputes. Include photographs of all damages. If you don't do this, you leave yourself open to the possibility of returned or unaccepted sales on the grounds of mis-selling!



Price to sell, remember it's a yard sale! If we don't think the price is right, based on experience of similar items, we'll do our best to advise you. We want you to get what your listing is worth! 



Please be very thorough in your description, and make note of any damages in writing in addition to the photographs. Make sure you're accurate with measurements too, as buyers might be looking to squeeze something in!

Please also be as accurate as you can with providing the weights of items you are happy to post. Postage costs are determined by weight, and there is an upper limit of 15kg. If you have underestimated a weight, you may have to pay more than the postage paid for by the buyer. Remember that the postage charges include materials which you will have to provide, and that the final weight will also include those materials.


The Transaction

We will handle the sale of your item for you, and will transfer proceeds within one working day of the buyer receiving/accepting the item. 

Where you have agreed to offer UK postage of smaller items, we will also transfer the whole postage amount paid by the buyer, commission free, along with your proceeds. You will need to pay for postage and post the item, as well as confirm a tracking number to us, as we will not release any funds until the buyer has received/accepted the item.


Refusal on Delivery/Disputes

Items shipped by post cannot be returned and are non-refundable, unless under exceptional circumstances (see ‘Returns Policy’ and ‘Terms of Sale’ for more information). If we deliver an item to a customer, or they collect directly from you, the seller, and the listing was misleading or inaccurate in any way, they have the right to refuse the item at that point for a refund, so please ensure you have been as thorough as possible in your listing description and photographs. In the even that a listing has been deemed inaccurate, you will be liable for the delivery charge.

If you have opted to offer Greater London delivery by VYS, and the buyer accepts the item and signs for delivery, we will consider the sale final, and they will no longer have the right to dispute the sale. 



A buyer is welcome to make an offer lower than the asking price. If they do, we will forward it on to you for consideration.


The Form

If you have five items or more you'd like to submit at once, please contact us at to request a multi item upload document.